Enda Tamweel, a leading microfinance institution in Tunisia, with 96 branches, 5 mobile branches, and over 1,800 staff has grown considerably over the last 30 years, supporting close to 900,000 customers over this timeframe. Enda has gone live with cloud-native, cloud-agnostic Temenos Transact, making Enda the ninth temenos customer in Tunisia, demonstrating Temenos’ expertise and knowledge of the Tunisian market to fulfill its objective of contributing to the financial inclusion of millions of Tunisian entrepreneurs and offering diversified services and lines of credit.

Enda selected Temenos Transact to provide the agility to service more customers at a lower cost, and to quickly launch new products and services. Over the years, Enda’s former open-source information system has become unable to respond to the evolving needs of the institution. With Temenos’ pre-configured micro-finance capabilities, Enda is now also able to process large volumes of transactions efficiently and provide a better customer experience.

We are delighted with our new digital core banking system. On the day the platform went live we were able to connect more than 1,400 users and make 1,900 transactions, which really reinforces how effective the transformation has been from day one. For us, speed of response to customers is critical. It can mean the difference between someone being accepted for a loan and being able to start a small business, and limiting the numbers of people we can help. Thanks to Temenos Transact, we have been able to make a greater impact in helping people to grow and sustain their businesses and as a result, improve their living conditions and those of their families.”

Mohamed Zmander, Chief Executive Officer at Enda Tamweel