One of the largest financial service providers in Morocco, Crédit du Maroc places innovation and digital transformation at the center of its growth strategy. To strengthen customer experiences and diversify its services, the bank will modernize its core and payments systems with Temenos Transact and Temenos Payments. Once implemented, the Temenos solutions will enable Crédit du Maroc to increase internal efficiency, launch new products faster, and offer customers frictionless, omnichannel access to accounts and cards. On the payments side, the solutions will allow Crédit du Maroc to manage rising transaction volumes, and adapt to new regulations and real-time payments schemes—helping it to win new clients and increase market share.

“Temenos’ modern technology platform will not only help to drive incredible operational efficiency, but also enable the bank to accelerate time to market for new products. In a highly competitive market for financial services, Temenos gives us the edge and ensures we deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and attract new customers to drive growth.”

Spokeperson at the bank