BanCoppel is one of the largest organizations in Mexico, which includes brands such as Afore Coppel and Tiendas Coppel. BanCoppel was the first to offer loans to Mexicans who had no possibility of proving their income, providing them with microloans for small purchases with store credit since 1941. To continue its technological transformation, driving modern banking services, the bank selected Temenos core banking platform. The implementation of this platform will not only provide the bank with greater efficiency and sustainability but will also support BanCoppel’s digital transformation project.

BanCoppel will benefit from Temenos’ proven technology leadership, extensive experience in Mexico, and strong reputation with existing customers. The Temenos core banking platform will enable the bank to continue to scale efficiently as well as offer an integrated ecosystem of easy and accessible banking services.

“Historically, the mass market in Mexico has been underserved by conventional banking, with much less access to credit and financial services. Our objective with this partnership with Temenos is to continue being the favorite bank of the popular class in Mexico, providing solutions that improve their quality of life. This transformation project will increase efficiency by creating an open ecosystem with easy integration through APIs, which will allow us to create easy, simple and more accessible banking services. Temenos has a proven reputation in Latin America and supports banks with a mission of financial inclusion – we look forward to collaborating together and creating a new era of banking.”

Juan Manuel Fernández Islas, Director of IT, Digital Transformation & Operations at BanCoppel