Professionals for Smart Technology (PST) is the early adopter of state-of-the-art Temenos Infinity Digital Banking Omni-Channel Solution (KONY formerly).  This paved the way for PST to lead in the digital banking space since we had the time to develop our capabilities and equip our team with necessary tools and certifications early enough reaping the returns on our investment today.  PST has led several digital transformation projects in the financial industry, offers a broad range of digital banking technology services across Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Online Loan Origination, Online Customer Onboarding & KYC, and unified Administration across Web, Mobile, ATMs, and even Wearable technology.

PST’s growth was multi-dimensional. Within a few years that followed our establishment in Jordan, PST was working on projects across the entire MEA Region.  Growth was seen across all our business units in terms of services, staff, clients, and partnerships, which directly impacted our bottom line. Our footprint can be witnessed in the market today through our live projects.

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