As the leading enterprise in Information Technology (IT) in Vietnam, HiPT is proud to deliver state-of-the-art and high-tech products, solutions, and professional services that bring real value to our customers, partners, shareholders, and members. On our growth journey, HiPT posseses excellent IT products and solutions, innovatively created by our team of nearly 300 enthusiastic, creative, skilled, and professional members. Through global partnerships with vendors and partners worldwide, HiPT has been at the forefront of applying the latest technologies to provide new experiences and maximum value to end-users.

Guided by our motto: “People are the core, innovation is the foundation, credit is the measure,’ HiPT closely aligns with the success of our partners and customers. With strong financial resources, extensive implementation experience, and a dedicated workforce, HiPT is confident in affirming its credibility and strength as the IT leader in the digital era.

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