Codeless Test Adaptability for All Banking Applications

Tenjin, is a highly resilient test suite designed for business analyst that requires no programming knowledge. It supports planning, design, knowledge management, and an AI based recommendation engine. It can automate testing across Browser-Based Apps, Mobile Apps, Databases, API’s and Structured Messages. Features like robotic UI discovery and pre-configured BOTs for many applications reduce “go-live” time.


Considering the widespread use of technology, today software failures represent a siginificant reputational risk. Therefore, Software Quality Assurance is the single largest spend within BAU IT operations. It is also a critical part of any transformation exercise. It requires a combination of skills and experiences to effectively tests large platforms like core banking solutions. The velocity of tests within digital platforms is also high requiring constant regression. Therefore, acceptance testing and automated regression are key enablers of technology modernization initiatives.

Yethi’s Tenjin Testing Solutions Suite enables banks to streamline their testing operations. The suite covers support for test planning, workflow for test design activities, building a test-repository, AI based test-recommendation engine and codeless test-automation. The company is also working on a generative-AI based test-authoring capabilities.

Their flagship 5th-generation codeless test automation solution enables testers and business analysts to build and automate test cases without any prior programming skills. With easy integration to defect management and test management, it can operate easily within any test-environment. Tenjin Designer allows teams to encapsulate UI navigation easily via a point-and-click interface, ensures self-healing of screen metadata; enables data-driven execution and granular reporting.

Yethi is a reliable QA service partner that has the capability to support global banks and financial institutions in end-to-end testing activities. Its flagship test automation platform, Tenjin, offers efficient testing of complex banking/ financial applications. They provide a complete range of software testing services to suit the individual requirements of the clients.
Yethi ( is focused on helping banks, financial institutions and fintech’s in their quest for simpler, faster and more reliable software quality assurance. Yethi adopts a business user / transaction-lifecycle based approach to designing and executing tests. Our highly experienced teams combine deep banking domain knowledge, expertise in platforms and practical experience in testing. With a SME pool and a curated knowledge repository.

Codeless: Gives control to a business analyst to build and maintain functional acceptance tests.

Mult-App Testing : Allows tests to follow customer journey across the eco-system

Plug-and-Play Application Adapters : Easy to deploy application / version level configuration enabling faster first-time deployment of your automation.

Auto Adaptive : Reduces re-work and manual intervention when addition OR changes are made to underlying application GUI / API.

Versatile : Ability to test across multiple technologies and application while retaining context and data refrenceability.


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