Revolutionize Trust in Trade

WaveBL is a digital platform using proprietary blockchain technology to transfer electronically trade documents.

The WaveBL solution enables the instant, encrypted, and authenticated transfer of electronic Bills of Lading and related trade documents. The platform complies with universal processes and regulations in use. The platform is designed to meet the needs of all parties involved in trade, including shipping companies, agents, brokers, and banks. WaveBL has strong alliances with leading companies in global trade to drive faster digitalization and adoption.


All electronic documents issued/transferred on the WaveBL platform are verified and authenticated. Documents are transferred directly between parties, slashing transfer time to minutes. Eliminating the risk of loss, forgery, and theft of paper documents. The instant transfer of documents between parties minimizes the delivery time for each transfer. Reduced pollution caused by paper production, fuel consumption, and the physical transfer of documents. No more printing, signing, attaching, sealing, and sending documents by courier expenses.


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