A best practice blueprinted Temenos Oracle architecture in the cloud providing a foundation for an assured migration

Cintra’s Oracle Platform Mobilization includes planning, preparing, and laying a best practice foundation for the migration of Temenos Oracle Workloads to your chosen cloud platform.
Cintra brings a unique data driven approach to Oracle workload migration planning and cloud migration mobilization based on the deep discovery capability provided by Cintra’s Rapid Discovery automation.


Lays a best practice foundation for the successful migration of Temenos.

Establishes a secure cloud landing zone ready where a landing is not already in place.

Provides a target architecture design for the cloud and databases services required.

Performs pilot migrations of your Temenos Oracle Workload(s).

Provides best practice migration runbooks to ensure the success of production migrations.

A best practice cloud landing zone design and deployment.

Designs, documents and tests security and access management playbooks, operational runbooks, backup and recovery procedures and BCP / DR mechanisms and procedures.

Create a migration schedule, timeline and cutover plan for the production / production support environments.


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