A best practice assured migration of your critical temenos Oracle workloads to the cloud

Cintra’s Oracle Temenos Platform Migration Assessment accelerates your cloud migration and modernization objectives for your Oracle database workloads, resulting in the delivery of a multi-year TCO, optimized architecture design, migration plan and schedule. The migration assessment includes consideration for a Oracle to Oracle migration strategy as well as a Oracle to Postgres migration strategy.


Provides a multi-year TCO including cloud costs, Oracle license costs and migration costs to establish a robust business case.

Provides a target cloud architecture design for the chosen Oracle of Postgres strategy.

Provides migration costs for mobilization services and actual migration services.

Provides migration timeline for mobilization tasks and migration tasks.

Assessment is based on 3 workshops covering application, database and cloud topics

Assessment is based on the detailed discovery data captured by Rapid Discovery

Assessment typically spans a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Assessment findings are delivered in a Migration assessment report including TCO  and architecture design is delivered in a presentation 


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