Benefit from a technical and commercial roadmap to the cloud based on intelligent right sizing and optimization

Discover the best path to cloud migration and cost reduction for your Oracle database workloads that underpin Temenos with our Database Optimization and License Assessment. This empowers existing Temenos customers to assess and optimize their Oracle database platforms. This TOLA assessment will optimize your Oracle database platform while also provided a roadmap to lower cost temenos certified Postgres database platforms.


Optimizes Oracle Licenses, providing viable licensing roadmap to the cloud. License optimisation recommendations include right sizing of licensing for cloud, opportunities to retire existing licenses as well as purchasing new optimized licenses for the cloud.

Delivers intelligent, automated right sizing and target designs for Oracle Temenos workloads to be migrated to the cloud including considerations for high availability, disaster recovery and backup.

Provides viable database migration options including rehost and replatform on Oracle database and refactor to Postgres.

Provides a zero-impact discovery of your Oracle database estate using Cintra’s Rapid Discovery tooling with no change risk or security risk for your Temenos platform. With comprehensive support for discovery of Linux, Windows Exadata, ODA, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, VM Ware, Oracle VM.

Discovers and summarises your database estate and provides powerful insights.

Identifies target databases technology options including Oracle or Postgres

Delivered in a 4 week timeline with a detailed executive presentation deliverable.


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