Providing hyper-responsive specialized database support for Temenos database platforms 

Cintra’s Temenos database platform managed service allow customers to focus on getting on with business instead of having internal resources running and maintaining your critical Temenos Oracle, SQL or Postgres database platforms.  Cintra’s managed services for Temenos databases provides 24×7 fast response specialized support for your databases on the cloud of your choice and on-premises. 


Provides complete piece of mind based on 24×7 Oracle database monitoring, preventative maintenance and rapid response to any issues or requests. 

Provides fatser resolution of issues with Cintra’s rapid-response support

Frees up internal resources to focus on business value and innovation 

Increases uptime and service levels through preventative maintenance and patching 

Delivered by a dedicated and named global database support team with knowledge of your business, event schedules and Temenos application database platform.

Supported by 24×7 operational service desk 

Delivered by a SOC and ISO compliant service provider

Provides access to a complete range of as needed specialised database services


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