Deliver innovative products and reduce time to market with a modern card issuing, processing and acquiring platform, either on premises or in the Cloud.

A modular solution to manage card and digital payments, including card issuance and production, payment processing, fraud prevention, management of ATMs and POS terminals, and merchant acquiring. Fully integrated with Temenos’ core banking modules, it delivers APIs to rapidly design and configure credit, debit, prepaid, retail, fuel and corporate cards but also mobile-only payment solutions – PayStorm supports Apple Pay and Google Pay.


A single platform for Issuing and Acquiring

PayStorm streamlines card issuing and acquiring processes, offering a fully integrated set of modules that cover the entire payments value chain and enable transaction cost efficiencies.

Deliver attractive, seamless digital payment solutions

PayStorm delivers powerful issuing and processing capabilities that unlock exciting digital and mobile payments. A complete set of rich-data APIs allows you to easily design and configure advanced user experiences.

Flexibility and short time to market

PayStorm is highly configurable and adaptable, speeding up time to market and allowing you to design and create innovative and advanced user experiences modernizing your payment programs.

Certifications and compliance

PayStorm is certified by the main payment networks such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, JCB and compliant to PCI-DSS regulations.

Innovation for a competitive edge

To take advantage of new opportunities in payments and to quickly and proactively respond to market evolutions, PayStorm is continuously updated. Recent releases include 3DS 2.0 and fraud detection, transaction risk analysis and behavioural analytics that leverage Machine Learning.

Deployable on-premises and in-cloud Modern technology

PayStorm runs natively on the main cloud platforms and may also be deployed on-premises. Its rich integration architecture includes a catalog of off-the-shelf APIs to support the rapid issuance and control of new payment products with no need for full replacement of legacy systems.


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