SynoFin RiskMan Suite

The RISKMAN solution is certified at ISAE3000 standard and developed and managed by an AIFMD-licenced risk management company. All modules are based on web/cloud-technology, provide t-0 risk and performance calculation and reporting services with proved interfaces to Temenos modules and enables asset and risk managers to optimize risk, performance and P&L in any combination – worldwide, multilingual, performant, workflow-driven, secure, compliant and role-specific.



Workflow- and role-driven solution provides risk- and performance figures ad-hoc.

> 170

Powerful and performant calculation engine for more than 170 portfolios per hour.

7 x 24

Worldwide secure access via private hosted web/cloud-technology.

> 50

Established solution in banks, trusts, funds, asset managers.


Certified report/output, calculation, development and service processes provided by AIFMD risk manager.

> 40

Network of risk managers, quants, software engineers develop standard and individual models.


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