Improve payment process, prevent fraud and comply with European Instant Payments legislation

Are you ready to meet the latest requirements of the Instant Payments regulation? Banks will be mandated to implement Verification of Payee or IBAN-Name Check, and SurePay is here with the perfect solution. With years of experience in delivering advanced financial services and a proven track record in multiple EU countries, SurePay is the partner banks need. Verification of Payee verifies if the name entered in online banking matches with one of the names registered in the SurePay database. The check gives a notification if something deviates. The IBAN-Name Check consists of an intelligent and robust algorithm that can be easily integrated into your bank’s online environment through an API.


Inventor of Verification
of Payee

100+ banks in Multiple EU countries live

Comply with Instant Payments and PSD 3 legislation

One connection, global reach

Key Features

Tried and tested Verification of Payee API

One connection for domestic and European reach

SurePay makes sure the request is translated in the correct format

SurePay complies with local and European regulations


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