Leverage the size of your Lombard Credits portfolio

To increase its Lombard Credits portfolio, all Private Banks need a sophisticated solution to accurately assess the Lombard Credits, automate the monitoring, and speed-up the credit requests approval processes.

SpeciCRED provides an effective environment to assess and control Lombard Credits

SpeciCred is a software to compute the client loanable value more accurately, manage the workflows and generate the documents for the credit request.

SpeciCRED automates the daily breach detection by using dynamic pledge allocation, concentration, netting, offsetting, exception to policy, stress test and simulation.

SpeciCRED onboards 4 modules

LV Calculator

Computation of the standard bank policy LTV


Thinner control based on refreshed market data

More aggressive LTV

Sophisticated rules engine

Friendly end-user interface

Performant audit functions

Credit Monitoring

Computation of the client maintenance level


Parameterize sophisticated rules

Breach list

Dynamic pledge allocation

Collateral analysis

Friendly end-user interface

Compute stress test scenario

Credit Application

E2E platform to initiate/ follow credit requests


Centralized information

Sophisticated simulation tool

Automate Credit renewal

Workflow and Approval process


Market data enrichment


Get better and refreshed market data

Bridge core security master file gaps


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