A single solution that brings peace-of-mind to the Boards and ExCos: Drive Business/Digital Transformation initiatives from the top with full control on your confidential data.

RPS Platform (RegData Protection Suite) provides a cutting edge data protection & privacy service that enables companies to apply their data protection policies across their application and infrastructure landscape.

With features including proof-of-compliance reporting, it is particularly well suited for highly regulated sectors such as Financial Services, that have strict data privacy requirements.


Data Protection:

Provide a solution that statically or dynamically and contextually protects confidential and/or personal sensitive data.

> Reduce operational, compliance and reputational (leakage) risks

Data Compliance:

Provide a solution that generates evidences through auditable, automatic, real time reports.

> Comfort your stakeholders – with proofs not words

Data Value:

Provide the means to lawfully analyze and exploit the value of confidential data while guaranteeing their protection and control.

> Generate business with your data and create shareholder value

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