A fully customisable banking platform

Pannovate is an orchestration layer and Banking-as-a-Service enabler, with 150 APIs and a network of 47 truly agnostic vendors from processors to KYC providers and BIN sponsors.

Our platform and orchestration layer are used by many for wallet management, payment processing, and card issuing. You can gain access to Pannovate’s modular solutions to create your value proposition cost-effectively and launch to market in record time.



You design the ecosystem. Add and switch suppliers as your product evolves. Plug in different third-party suppliers or use your existing suppliers.


LaunchPad offers an out-of-the-box mobile and web app and integrates all third-party suppliers required for a programme to launch, from ppliers to processors.

Launchpad Lite

Launchpad Lite offers the full range of expected features with a customisable user interface enabling you to create a unique omni-channel value proposition, in just 6 weeks.


Bankvault is Pannovate’s analytics suite and provides a detailed insight into your product performance and customer activity and behaviour in real-time.

Platform Benefits

Build your product on a modern platform.

Test on 150 APIs

Launch within 12-16 weeks

A network of 47 agnostic partners across geographies

Scale seamlessly into multiple regions

Add any functionality quickly and cost-effectively to create a value proposition via a range of value add solutions and pre-approved providers


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