A Will or Trust for Every Adult American!

Revolutionize client relationships with our white-label estate planning software. Provide an all-digital service for creating and maintaining valid inheritance plans, sparing loved ones from bureaucracy. Seamlessly integrates into major digital banking systems, catering to banks, credit unions, and insurance companies. Simplify end-of-life documentation, enhance value, and streamline the process for clients.


White Labeling

Establish a consistent, distinctive brand in the market while maintaining your business identity.

Single Sign On

Seamlessly allow access to estate planning tools using a single set of login credentials, enhancing efficiency, convenience, and security through centralized authentication.

Realtime Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights, guiding strategic decisions by comprehending the impact and engagement of estate planning services provided to clients.

Configuration Portal

Customize the platform to align with your brand and client needs, reinforcing commitment and crafting a unique estate planning experience to enhance client relationships.

Essential Documents

Provide a DIY platform for essential estate planning docs—Wills, Trusts, Advance Directives, Guardianship, Powers of Attorney, and cherished items provisions. Elevate services, ensuring clients secure their legacy confidently.

Secure Document Vault

Provide seamless storage, receive ‘Smart’ update notifications for essential document revisions. Keep clients proactive, ensuring their estate plans stay aligned with intentions.

Asset Probate Tracking

After adding Assets & Liabilities, offer clients estimated probate time and cost. Provide state-specific steps to bypass probate for each Asset, easing family stress during times of grief.

Memory Library

Empower your clients to curate a digital treasury of cherished letters, photos, audio, and video, preserving life’s essence. They can privately share this with loved ones, fostering meaningful connections.

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