Decentralizing + Empo
wering Finance:

Powerful Blockchain, Biometric Transaction Signing and Digital Asset Integration

Unlock instant digital asset transactions through Metal Blockchain, secured by biometric verification via WebAuth Wallet. Integrate these assets effortlessly into your existing systems with Metal Pay API. Experience the pinnacle of financial blockchain solutions—secure, transparent, and astonishingly user-friendly.


Enhanced Security:

Biometric Authentication, Secure Enclave, and compliance ensure safe transactions.

Efficient Transactions:

Streamlined payments, frictionless interactions, and scalability for optimization.


Driving innovation and shaping a decentralized future in finance.

Bank Integration:

Seamlessly compatible with essential Temenos services, enhancing capabilities.

Transparent Interactions:

Unparalleled security and visibility in financial transactions.

User-Centric Approach:

Empowering users with secure and efficient financial tools.

Digital Asset Solutions:

Enabling integrated digital asset services for enhanced offerings.


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