Verify more businesses with better global data while managing compliance and financial risk.

Markaaz provides superior solutions powered by the smartest global business data available. Our proprietary matching algorithms solve systemic data issues to deliver a 25% average higher match rate than competitors and a 60-80x ROI, unlocking millions in potential revenue.


Verify more businessess: Markaaz’s business verification solutions efficiently verify a higher volume of businesses, including SMEs, accelerating onboarding processes and expanding your customer base.

Generate additional revenue: Markaaz’s suite of business verification, data enrichment, and monitoring solutions uncover new opportunities for onboarding, prospecting, and upselling, leading to increased revenue streams.

Reduce compliance and financial risk: Leverage the largest SME database for accurate fraud detection and continuous risk management, ensuring regulatory compliance and safeguarding against financial exposure. 


Unmatched data accuracy, powered by an extensive global database with 300 million business records spanning 200 countries and jurisdictions, including specialized coverage in key regions like the US, Canada, EU, and Asia.

Flexible data delivery options, including integrated APIs for real-time data delivery, web-based portal for a no-code solution, batch file sharing for large file delivery.

Flexibility and scalability, with cloud-native solutions that support small- to large-volume verification needs.


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