Let’s Sign: a flexible and confidential solution

The signing solution is already being used by numerous banks, family offices and authorities today. The solution – installed on-premise or in a private cloud – is particularly suitable for companies for which it is important, e.g. for compliance reasons, that (sensitive) documents do not leave the internal IT environment. It allows banks to digitize any type of workflow requiring a signature, for example the opening of a bank account.

Key Benefits

Legally binding electronic signature

Let’s Sign offers electronic signatures and seals for various jurisdictions (eIDAS and Zertes compliant). Users can add a calygraphic signature and edit forms.

Save time and money

Increases your efficiency. Get rid of manual process of printing, scanning and mailing. Speed up your processes while reducing operational costs.

On-premise or private cloud

Suitable for integration into various core banking-, customer relationship management-, customer identity access management- and other systems. The solution can be integrated on-premise or in a private cloud.

Confidential solution

Documents to be signed remain in the company’s IT environment. That eases the fulfilment of compliance and security requirements.

Key Features

Certified document and audit trail

In addition to the certified and signed document automatically detected in Adobe with a green ribbon, the solution registers and tracks all the events in an audit trail. In case of complaint or legal issue, body of evidences can be collected.

Signature via web browser or mobile app

What you see is what you sign: you can open, review and sign the document on any device. Once the document is signed, it cannot be modified unnoticed. The electronic signature guarantees the integrity of the document.

Legally valid business worldwide

The signature solution offers every type of electronic signatures, including qualified electronics signatures. It supports signatures from SwissSign along with those from various other providers so that you can do business worldwide.

Simple identification and onboarding

Anyone who wants to issue qualified electronic signatures must have a verified digital identity. SwissSign – a recognised trust service provider (TSP) – offers free customer identification 24/7 with the SwissID App. The identification complies with EPRA, ESigA, ETSI.


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