Keyless: biometric authentication that does not store biometric data.

Keyless puts privacy first, authenticating users throughout the user journey – logins, payments, step-up, account recovery – without ever storing biometric data, either on device or cloud. Supporting PSD2 SCA and GDPR compliance, Keyless provides dynamic linking and dramatically reduces account recovery costs. Offering ‘true’ multi-factor authentication, Keyless verifies both the user’s face and device simultaneously, ensuring the individual, not just the device, is authenticated.



Keyless’s user-based pricing model allows unlimited authentications without extra costs, dramatically lowering expenses related to account recovery and reducing reliance on call centers and SMS OTPs for password resets and two-factor authentication.


Keyless reduces the likelihood of account takeovers by replacing – or supplementing – SMS OTPs, hard tokens and knowledge-based credentials with facial biometrics, the most secure form of authentication. Doing so reduces the likelihood of credential stuffing and SIM swapping.


Keyless seamlessly integrates into current onboarding processes, provides versatile deployment options (on-premises, SaaS, hybrid), and is operating system-agnostic.

Strong Customer Authentication

Keyless guarantees strong customer authentication by authenticate face and device simulatenously and independently of each other. Both must succeed for successful authentication.

Key Features


Keyless does not biometric data anywhere. Data is processed on-device and transformed using SMPC before it is sent to the cloud. This ensures that the data cannot be read by anyone, not even Keyless or the cloud provider. This is a technology that has redefined privacy.


Keyless helps banks and fintechs comply with various sector-specific and regulations, such as PSD2 SCA, CCPA, and GDPR.

Dynamic Linking

Keyless dynamic links transaction amount and account number by generating a unique and independent one-time code after each successful transaction.


Keyless integrates seamlessly with all major IDV partners.


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