More Engagements. Less Waiting. Faster Revenue

JRNI is the Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform for scheduling and managing personalized engagements at scale, driving volume and velocity throughout the entire customer lifecycle. The AI-powered platform is comprised of a tightly integrated set of solutions–Event Management, Appointment Scheduling, Queue Management and Advanced Reporting & Analytics–designed to automate location-based and virtual enterprise use cases for financial services organizations.


Increase new prospect and customer opportunities

with JRNI’s one-to-many events management and one-to-one appointments solutions.

Accelerate lead to transaction lifecycle

by capturing customers when their interest is high and generating immediate follow up via automated, NLP-enabled appointment automation.

Increase conversion rates and value per transaction

by leveraging JRNI’s AI Match Solution which intelligently pairs customers with the right associate with preference towards high value appointments.

Optimize staff efficency and reduce costs

by automating the appointment scheduling process and leveraging lead time reporting to better manage employee capacity.