No one thinks about how the time on your timestamps on each transaction is generated. As more data flows through the internet and increasingly businesses migrate to the Cloud, critical infrastructure such as financial services needs to have resilient and traceable timestamps that will give their customers confidence their data is protected, stand up in legal disputes, ensure compliance against the most stringent regulations in financial services, and protects you from jamming, spoofing and vulnerabilities to satellite connectivity. Hoptroff timing solutions have simplified the process and provides a simple plug and play solution that can mitigate against such vulnerabilities, provide data provenance and support operational efficiency.

Hoptroff delivers IEEE 1588 precision time protocol and time synchronisation meeting compliance obligations, improve operational efficiency, and maintain business continuity. Network-delivered, UTC traceable, designed on the Zero Trust model. We operate over standard NTP and PTP protocols, seamlessly integrate into existing hardware and software infrastructure, eliminating needs for grandmaster clocks, additional hardware, or GNSS installation. Our solutions are available in most major datacenters.


Plug and play easy installation within a week depending on client network infrastructure; Data provenance and compliance- Traceable time to UTC helps banks meet regulatory compliance requirements such as Mifid II, CAT and other payments regulations (that monitor time stamped transactions); Cyber security – complete, secure, resilient time service that is not vulnerable to single-vector attacks, either terrestrial or RF/celestial based, makes the necessary foundation for an entire network infrastructure allowing reliable authentication, systems monitoring, event detection and rapid response as well as post-facto forensics and analysis; Cost effective – Approx 60% reduction of capex and opex costs of managing timing infrastructure; 24/7 On call service – support from internationally renowned timing experts; Cloud native – we can provide synchronisation on prem and on the Cloud eg AWS; Greener and more sustainable option – less use of equipment and power; ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited; Meets US Executive order 13905 – US government is concerned about dependency on GPS connectivity and is asking all critical infrastructure to have alternative connectivity to complement satellite connectivity. The UK has added the loss of satellite connectivity to its national risk register

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