Hopp Tech Ltd

Business driven, automated and pre-configured data migration solution for Temenos. 

Migrate from any legacy banking system to Temenos with speed, confidence, and quality. Our end-to-end data migration software solution for Temenos enables the migration team to progress quickly based on business logic and team collaboration through agile iteration supported by automated code generation and transparent tracking and testing. The result is data migration delivered with quality while being highly cost efficient.

Hopp Benefits:

Cost Efficient, Transparent and Fast Data Migration.

Empowered by a modern data migration software solution. Prepared for Temenos and ready to go.

Complete Software Solution.

Support all phases from data analysis, data mapping, transformation and validation to testing and tracing and finally reconciliation and audit of final migration result.

Business Driven Approach.

The embedded and consistent methodology establish a structured and transparent way to progress with shared view of the migration status, logic, issues and activities for all stakeholders.

Fast and Agile Process.

Emphasizing cross functional team collaboration supported by automated code generation and partial iterations imply making the migration less technical and more business focused.

Hopp Key Features:

Business Logic Interface

User interface is tailored to business analysts and migration team members enabling collaboration leveraging a common language, units of migration and shared information enable accessible for all team members and stakeholders.

Highly Structured and Effective Testing and Validation

Complex mapping and validation rules fully supported and extendable. Additional modules for defining scope, testing, signoff and issue management. Reconsolidation and Audit support.

Scalable and Flexible

Granular and fast Iterations including parallel projects support with multiple tracks and data partition for large multi-country or lines of business etc. workstream separation.

Automated Code and Execution

Validation, execution and code generation can be fully automated and scheduled with real-time tracking or managed step by step to run frequent during partial test migrations.


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