Facephi Authentication

Deliver seamless and secure authentication with Facephi

Enable fast, accurate, and convenient authentication with Facephi Authentication. Facephi’s cutting-edge technology provides scalable and inclusive identity verification with both 1-1 and 1-N authentication using multiple biometric options.

Authentication is instant. A customer takes a selfie, which is checked with ISO-accredited passive liveness for enhanced security and compared with registered biometric patterns.


Maximum Security:

-Utilises the most secure form of authentication: biometrics

-Advanced security protocols including tokenisation, proprietary and AES 256 encryption, and passive liveness checks

-Reduces the risk of identity fraud

-Protects customer information and data privacy

Multi-Factor Authentication:

-Biometric verification (supports facial or voice recognition)

-Screening against sanction lists, government databases etc.

-Provides a robust and secure authentication process

Passive Liveness:

-Superior anti-spoofing protection

-Frictionless customer experience

-Faster than active liveness checks

Seamless User Experience:

-Intuitive and user-friendly interface

-Instant and secure authentication process

-Convenient for customers to authenticate their identity anytime, anywhere

Accurate and Fast Results:

-Smart learning patterns

-Ultra-fast average authentication time of less than a second

-99.998% accuracy rate

Facephi Digital Onboarding

Streamline new user registration without compromising on security and compliance. 

Get fast and secure identity verification for your customer onboarding process with Facephi. Customers are accurately onboarded remotely following an ID scan and a simple selfie. The process includes automated OCR data extraction, document validation, age verification, real-time screening against PEPs and sanctions for AML/KYC compliance, ISO-accredited passive liveness checks, biometric comparison and more, all in under 5 seconds.


Automated document capture:

-Advanced OCR for accurate data extraction

-Multi-document support for flexible onboarding

Advanced security:

-Passive Liveness for optimal security and customer experience

-Geolocation for country restriction compliance

-Multifactor authentication support

-Advanced data protection with time-stamped encryption (proprietary and AES 256)

-ID document validation with NFC reading and third-party database connections

AML/KYC Compliance:

-Automated screening against ongoing real-time sanctions, PEPs, blacklists, adverse media watchlists and more

-Compliance trail and auditing for regulatory requirements

-Operational efficiency with streamlined KYC processes

Seamless UX:

-Intuitive interface for easy onboarding

-Inclusive and accessible for all users

-Digital signature capture for easy document signing

-Video onboarding for a more engaging experience

-Fully customisable for unique business needs

-Multi-biometric support for flexible authentication options

Facephi Identity Platform

Flexible and comprehensive platform enabling real-time management of onboarding and authentication operations.

Introducing Facephi Identity Platform, an all-in-one digital identity verification solution ensuring clients have an up to date management and reporting of all onboarding and authentication operations. Enabling highly customisable customer requirements through multiple modules including Design, Operations, Video, Privacy, Anti-fraud and UX metric modules.


Real-time Management and Control:

-The Design Studio module provides flexible customisation of onboarding and authentication flows

-The Operations module enables real-time management and control of transactions and statistics registry

-The UX Metrics module allows monitoring and improving the user experience with the KPI dashboard

Online Support and Assistance:

-The platform provides online video assistance for quick and easy onboarding and troubleshooting.

Enables your support team to provide timely and effective technical support

Ultimate Security and Privacy:

Sensitive data is stored and transferred securely with tokenisation and encryption

-The Anti-fraud module enables granular blocking rules to prevent and defend against known types of fraud

-The Privacy module ensures secure data management and GDPR compliance

On-demand Architecture:

-The platform offers multiple launch options for an on-demand architecture, including on-premise, cloud, and hybrid options.

-It is a scalable and adaptable solution for businesses of any size.

Facephi Video Onboarding

Secure and efficient video KYC for regulatory compliance and full inclusivity

AI-powered video KYC for fast and secure identity verification with AML sanctions screening, OCR ID document capture, and ISO-accredited passive liveness checks. Offer streamlined onboarding that’s completed in under 30 seconds, with or without video agent supervision for the highest level of compliance


Efficient KYC:

-AI and machine learning streamline identity verification and eliminate human error

-Automatic ID document capture using real-time OCR

-AML sanctions screening and connection to government databases for maximum security

-Average completion time of under 30 seconds

Additional Security:

-Enables compliance with additional security regulations utilising assisted or unassisted video onboarding

-Assisted video verification with a trained specialist directing the user on live video

-Passive liveness checks for an additional layer of protection

-Multifactor onboarding for maximum security and compliance

Trust and Compliance:

-Promotes trust and compliance with strict regulations without compromising user experience

-Combines human inspection with AI to eliminate online fraud

-Fast-tracks onboarding for an efficient and secure KYC process

-Records the process for compliance and auditing

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