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Econans – Green Housing

Accelerate the energy transition of buildings

The platform for Banks to accelerate the energy transition of buildings.

Green Housing is available for banks to offer customers in all property types. With a few short inputs from the bank customer, the tool can estimate energy performance and climate footprint, while making personalized suggestions on what the best investments are to reduce energy and climate risk, and the cost saving potential. Moreover, this tool
facilitates conversions to the bank’s relevant financial products.


Improve EPC Score

Lower the risk or your mortgage collateral by improving the EPC score of your property portfolio.

Increase Conversions

Increase conversion to relevant financial solutions for the green transition.

Reduce Churn

Dashboard to visualize relevant KPIs, follow historical trends, and track relevant sustainability targets to reduce churn.

Improve Analytics

Data collection, including property data, behavioral data, real-time energy consumption data, climate risk data and Taxonomy verification documents for each mortgage and loan.


Predictive Simulator

Simulator that will create awareness for your customers with regards to their buildings’ energy requirements

Personalized Advice

Smart and personalized advice to your customers on how to reduce their costs, climate impact, and energy requirement of their properties

New Product Lines

Leads to your financial products, such as green mortgages and energy loans that will increase your revenues

Private and Multifamily

For both private houses and multifamily homes, each customer can optimize their energy consumption and cost.

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