The comforte Data Security Platform protects your sensitive data at rest, in motion, or in use, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. It uses automated discovery to identify sensitive data and provides end-to-end protection for structured and semi-structured data, without compromising usability for processing and analytics. With encryption, tokenization, and masking, the platform provides granular audit and control capabilities for regulatory compliance.


End-to-end data protection

Consistent protection of sensitive data (PII, PCI or PHI) at rest, in motion and in use. Focuses on protecting data itself – rather than the systems or devices that hold that data.

Multiple protection methods

A broad range of data protection techniques, including data masking, format-preserving hashing, tokenization, and format-preserving encryption (FPE), can be tailored to specific needs and use cases, allowing for pseudonymization or full anonymization of data.

Deployable anywhere

Protection nodes run side by side with your applications and data stores – on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid IT environments.

Usability of data

State of the art protection enables processing and analysis of data in a protected state.

Configurable security polices

A high level of flexibility in defining security policies allows you to strike the right balance between securing data and preserving data utility.

Access control and audit

The platform integrates with your IAM infrastructure to enable central management and consistent enforcement of security policies defined for sensitive data. It has built-in audit and analysis capabilities to help security stakeholders make the right decisions.

Stronger security, less complexity

Secret isolation and a central access model enable full control over protected data while eliminating complex key management.

Flexible integration options

Easily connect any data flow, business application, or data store using smart interceptors, or powerful APIs supporting any language or script.

Adaptable to change

Flexible, elastic & self-healing architecture enables the platform to easily scale and adapt to changes and new requirements.


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