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Guides you to a foundation for a low risk, well-informed Cloud Migration strategy for your application landscape

Through a combination of our innovative CAR product, Cloud migrations specialist consultants and Transact client architects, we deliver a comprehensive set of documents which define an optimal Cloud Migration Strategy for your Temenos and other applications.

These include a Strategy & Roadmap overview, a detailed Technical Architecture Assessment, and a Transact Migration Kick-Off Pack serving as the entry point for the specialist Transact migration services offered by Temenos.


Cloud strategy

A tailored view of the benefits available through adoption of an overall Cloud strategy – typically involving business agility, operational efficiency and cost reduction, improved security and better customer experience

Optimal sequencing

Clarity on the dependencies associated with the Transact migration to Cloud and its optimal sequencing in your overall Cloud journey – leading to reduced project cost and risk

Stakeholder understanding

Increased stakeholder understanding across your CXO community of the benefits and risks of Cloud Migration, leading to a common view and raised confidence levels

Budget clarity

A solid basis for developing budgetary estimates for the way forward, and also to engage with confidence with the specialist Transact and Digital Cloud Migration services offered by Temenos


Architectural Expertise

Our CAR product gives an objective and informed view – with recommendations – of the technical architecture options open to you

Expert Consultants

Specialist Cloud Migration consultants from Sirma Group’s Cloud Practice ensure we understand your enterprise architecture “as is” and desired states, enabling us to produce tailored and relevant output

Consistent & Secure

Our approach is secure and repeatable, delivered in the same way for all customers, with well-defined Discovery, Assessment and Recommendation steps delivered over a 6-12 week timeframe

Domain Experience

Our Temenos Transact Client Architects, average experience 15+ years and embracing multiple Transact versions from that timescale, provide the necessary depth of insight and expertise for the Transact-specific elements of the engagement and eventual handover to Temenos or your chosen partner

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