Impact Grows is a SaaS Platform providing ESG Risk Assessment ( pre and post credit ) Sustainability Linked Loan Product ( SLLP) and comprehensive ESG reporting as per global and local standards

Sustainability Management SaaS Platform for BFSI Sector addresses ESG Risk Assessment (pre and annual post credit assessment of borrowers), Sustainable Linked Loan Product (incentivizing borrowers to improve their sustainability performance index) and ESG Reporting (multi-index report generation to comply with global and local reporting guidelines)


ESG Assessment

Enabling quick preliminary assessments of companies by automated data capture using an AI enabled report parsing and ESG maturity calculations

ESG Risk Assessment

AI powered global sentiment analysis and exhaustive peer benchmarking to plan and mitigate any potential ESG risks.


Incentivizing borrowers to improve their sustainability performance index and contribute to SDG goals. Our intelligent insights and dashboards help them to easily focus on impact measurement and management

ESG Reporting

Starts with materiality assesments to help you collect the relevant data and generate machine-comprehendable multi-index reports which are compliant to global and local regualations.

ESG Data Hub

Stremlines data collection from various types of sources, ranging from ERP to IoT devices. These data-points are normalised to achieve senstive ESG specific KPI’s that need year round monitoring.