Our proven data mapping templates and defined business rules provide banks with quick start in building data mapping and business rules engine. We manage and align migration activities with bank business, finance, IT, and involved parties. BanKCube™ data migration & reconciliation services/tool provide quality gate for business to confirm migration completeness and accuracy through multiple mocks and rehearsals.”

Analysis, DM Approach, DM setup, mocks, reconciliation, rehearsals, and rollout.

Engagement starts with scope analysis of T24 modules and data requirements from legacy system; define involved parties and generate data migration approach and plan. We define data mapping and business rules in our mapping/rules engine. Run Mocks with IT and business to confirm migration process and reconciliation readiness. Run rehearsals using DM run book to confirm readiness for production. Rollout will be executed as per the final data mapping, business rules, rollout approach and final run book.

We start different mocks with IT and business to confirm working end to end data migration process including after migration reconciliation. Then practice end to end rehearsals using data migration run book to confirm data migration readiness for production. Once ready, data migration rollout will be executed as per the final data mapping, business rules and final run book.


Built for T24

Experts in data migration into T24. Years of knowledge and experience has been accumulated for next engagement to have structured, controlled and accurate data migration. And deep knowledge and business understanding of T24 data elements for all T24 modules.

Ready Made Tools

Data migration tools (DM data mapping and rules engine, extract tools, transform engine, load tools, reconciliation engine) have been built and enhanced over years to provide complete and accurate data migration results.

Reflect T24 data needs

T24 data needs and data sheets provide baseline for data migration and related activities. Transformed data should match T24 data mapping and related business rules.

Solid Experience and Knowledge

The accumulated experience and knowledge in migration project management, different DM scopes, building DM plans, DM tools and DM processes data mapping templates, and highlighting DM risks/issues; provide us competitive edge and step forward in data migration and enable us to hit the ground running in T24 implementations.

Integrated Engagement

Data migration engagement is integrated part of T24 implementation and it has cross dependencies for the T24 scope, project timing, migration data scope and size.

Quality Gate

As part of data migration, we provide multiple reports during the migration to make sure that all migration steps are validated against business and IT expectation. In addition to full data reconciliation between sources data and T24 after migration and generate reconciliation reports showing data migration correction needs. The final reconciliation report will show accurate and approved migrated data for go live.

Mocks, Rehearsals, DM runbook

Repeated DM mocks and DM Rehearsals including reconciliations will help in accurate execution of data migration and enable all involved parties to work as one body as per the tested data migration run book.

Controlled Rollout

Rollout plans will be executed based on source data quality and data migration risks. Controlled rollout plan will be defined as a separate plan for go live.

Continuous Data Validation

Data Migration approach will provide continuous data validation through mocks, rehearsals and reconciliation until results are satisfactory


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