Personalize the content and advice experience delivered across channels with Interactive Advisor

Given the exponential growth of available financial market information, investors are overwhelmed and struggling to find relevant content and ideas for their investment decisions. Professional investment advisors are equally tested by well-informed customers and the increased demand for personalized investment advice.

In response to this challenge, Adviscent developed a savvy content hub called Interactive Advisor to provide user-led content solutions for wealth management clients.


Content Creation

Create investment research and offering content
based on predefined data structures for equity
reports, structured products, asset classes,
countries and regions
Base content creation on industry standards like
open fund standard
Benefit from built-in market data feeds to automate
creation process

Content Management

Coordinate different functions from the investment
office, research and offering department
Manage translations and local versions
Preview content in all form factors – HTML –
Web – Mobile and PDF

Distribution of research
& content

Use your content in specific business context for prospecting, retention, pricing and share of wallet use cases
Benefit from Adviscent’s API library to integrate the content on your preferred channel and format

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