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We believe the strongest connection in banking is the human connection. Temenos Infinity Engage puts a personal agent in every customer’s pocket.

Temenos Engage Rapid Response for APAC

Engage Rapid Response

Social distancing is shrinking the number of in-person interactions with much of the population opting to bank at home. With digital at the forefront and using the best of technology, Temenos is here to help you address the challenges ahead by providing a platform to enable your organization to connect, communicate and maintain relationships with those that matter most – your customers.

Combining Human + Digital with Temenos Infinity Engage

Financial institutions are increasingly looking to “humanize” digital banking technologies. The Temenos Infinity Engage solution humanizes banking in the digital age, not by layering one technology on another, but by leveraging real, live human beings and interactions. Temenos Infinity Engage combines human and digital through a unique mobile application that puts an agent in every customer’s pocket.

Accelerating Personal Interaction

Temenos Infinity Engage is a unique mobile financial messaging tool that helps build 1:1 relationships between bank staff and customers using a social messaging style interface that is familiar and comfortable to users. Financial institutions can provide a unique personalized customer experience and support customers anytime and anywhere. Temenos Infinity Engage is a proven solution in market to accelerate personal interaction with the people, technology and roadmap to scale and innovate.

Build 1:1 Relationships

Customers can connect with the same agent every time they use the application, receive personal advice tailored to their needs and build a trusted relationship

Support customers anytime and anywhere

Customers can conveniently access their agent anytime anywhere through the Temenos Infinity Engage mobile application. In a long meeting or at the kid’s soccer match, users can get things done quickly and efficiently.

Digital bank watch

Provide unique customer experience

Differentiate your brand with Temenos Infinity Engage. The solution provides a unique customer experience that can broaden your market and increase customer loyalty

$ 402

in additional revenue per year from fully engaged customers


additional product categories from actively connected customers

71 %

of engaged customers say they will use their current financial institution for life

Product Overview

Customer Chat

Familiar social messaging style interface where customers can interact with their personal agents via messages or phone. If an agent is not available, customers have the option to speak with someone else or send a message to be contacted once their agent is available. Conversation history is persisted to go back in time and see previous messages.

Agent Portal

Agents can have an overview of all ongoing customer conversations, add notes to the conversation and send individual or mass messages. The solution also enables agents to bring other peers with specialist skills into the conversation (e.g., Mortgage Lending).

Supervisor Portal

Managers and team leads can monitor ongoing conversations between customers and agents. Organize your agents by creating teams and managing access permissions. Reassign conversations to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Customizable Agent Profiles

Agents can manage and update their profile information (e.g. profile picture, bio, interest, expertise, etc.) to help customers choose the agent they think is the best fit for them.

Choose Your Agent

Customers can choose the agent they think is the best fit for them and their finances based on the agents’ profile information. They can easily swap to a different agent if their needs or circumstances change.

Secure File Sharing

Customers and agents can exchange secure files through the Temenos Infinity Engage application (e.g. contracts, KYC documents, etc) making it easy to execute account servicing actions digitally.

Mobile App

Temenos Infinity Engage is a mobile responsive application branded for your institution. The application has strong security and offers different authentication methods. New users can be onboarded easily.

Standalone or Embedded

Temenos Infinity Engage can be deployed as a standalone app or as an integrated part of the Temenos Infinity Retail Banking solution.

Robust Analytics

Bank employees can leverage the built-in analytics capability of Temenos Infinity Engage to analyze trends within the customer base and identify opportunities to improve the customer service.

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