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We believe the strongest connection in banking is the human connection.

Product Overview

Temenos Infinity Engage is a unique mobile financial messaging tool that helps build 1:1 relationships between bank staff and customers using an SMS style interface that is familiar and comfortable to users. Personalized banking has become a buzzword with would-be vendors popping up all over the place. Temenos Infinity Engage is the only proven solution in market with the people, technology and roadmap to scale and innovate.

Scale your reach without sacrificing your service

Build trust from the start with a guided account opening experience

Earn the right to have the big conversations with a 1:1 relationship

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Accelerating Human + Digital

Benefits of Better Digital

$ 402

in additional revenue per year from fully engaged customers


additional product categories from actively connected customers

71 %

of engaged customers say they will use their current bank for life

Powered by the Temenos Platform

Extend and customize digital banking applications

Actionable intelligence from real-time analytics, machine learning & predictive modeling

5x development and testing efficiency

Aggregate services (account, transaction, payment) for multi-vendor integration

Secure and open API management

Consistent high level of security across all software layers

Common Administration, Security, Deployment and DevOps Services

50 to 80 percent lower implementation costs compared to custom development


Temenos Engage Guide Book

The Temenos Engage platform humanizes banking in the digital age, not by layering one technology on another, but by leveraging real, live human beings. The unique “human digital banking” platform “Engage,” is a mobile app that essentially puts a banker in everyone’s pocket. Combining mobile technology with specially trained associates, the Engage platform allows all customers—regardless of their account balance—to choose their own personal financial expert.
White Paper

Human Middleware ebook

With Temenos Infinity Engage, financial institutions are able to deliver meaningful experiences across all the critical moments when relationships are created, built, and cemented.
White Paper

Your Growth Starts Now Ebook

It’s important that every financial institution creates a unique, achievable path to growth, based on its individual culture, technology, and customers. Download the ebook to identify which of four growth stages you are in and how to start your path forward today.

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