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Temenos Data Lake

Unleash the power of big data with the Temenos Data Lake to unlock the value of real-time structured and unstructured data.

Temenos Data Lake is a next-generation modern data hub and management product built to accelerate the digital banking and AI needs of global banks. As a foundational platform for Temenos Analytics, and an embedded capability in all Temenos banking products, Temenos Data Lake helps banks unlock real-time data and analytically driven and future-proof their capabilities in the rapidly changing landscape of data, analytics and AI.

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Data Event Streaming

Unlock real-time data by providing highly scalable data streaming and data extraction from Temenos banking products such as T24 Transact. Integrated with event streaming platforms such as Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, and others allows seamless incorporation into a bank’s enterprise architecture.

Turning Data Into Digital Oil

Big Data Engineering

Perform highly scalable data ingestion and ETL operations including real-time machine learning. Unlimited scalability with zero requirement for specialized coding or distributed computing and storage platform. Achieve high-performance connectivity through native APIs to source and target systems.

Operational Data Store

Highly optimized, cleansed and prepared data available on a multitude of cloud and database platforms. Drive faster system performance with optimized enquiry performance. Enable numerous analytics and reporting use cases with fully documented and open data. Accelerate embedded analytics with time-based data enabling trend analysis and future predictions.

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Power AI

Temenos Data Lake gets banks to ‘AI-ready’ status by providing the modern data architecture and integration tools that enable real-time data quality and governance, and also allow high volumes of data to be consumed by AI and machine learning-based applications. Pre-built data models accelerate innovation as a basis for AI research and development by data science teams.

Rapid Application Development

Access an intuitive, extensive library of prebuilt data engineering components built upon the leading Apache Spark platform. Fully integrated with Temenos APIs and the Temenos Developer Portal allowing for the creation of intelligence banking applications that blend the best operational and analytical APIs.

Temenos Cloud

Cloud & Platform Agnostic

Architect for optimal utilization with multiple cloud and database options. Increase scale and performance whilst decreasing platform costs by up to 90%. As part of the Temenos Analytics product, Temenos Data Lake is an embedded solution into cloud-native, cloud-agnostic Temenos Infinity and Temenos T24 Transact.

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Integrate, clean and transform all data in a single source of truth with complete data lineage. Get access to real-time data from Temenos products in Big Data Architecture.


Data Lake Brochure

Temenos Data Lake can harness real-time, structured and unstructured data as well as curate, ingest and blend large volumes of data at scale. With Temenos Data Lake banks can now implement a single, governed, data hub for their downstream systems be it analytics, AI, AML, Temenos analytics, Temenos reporting.

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