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Front Office

Front Office is an integrated, role-specific, multi-channel solution, designed to support your daily interactions and long-term relationships with your retail, corporate, mass affluent and U/HNW customers.


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Front Office issues

  • Changing customer behaviors
  • Increased competition
  • Market disruptors
  • Legacy technology
  • Regulatory pressure
  • Operating efficiency and rising costs

How our solution helps

Front Office is a key enabler of digital engagement throughout the customer's lifecycle, with both staff and customers benefiting from the product's multi-channel capabilities. Through the system's powerful data analytics, financial institutions can gain valuable insights into customers' lifestyles and transactional behaviors. This enables them to offer a personalized customer experience through timely and relevant advice, customized offers and rewards, and relationship-based pricing.

Temenos' Front Office customers benefit from increased productivity and efficiency through:

  • Industrialization of key on-boarding and revenue-generating processes
  • High STP levels, enabling "self-service" models via digital channels
  • A single integrated platform

Front Office integrates seamlessly with both back office data and self-service channels to provide a consistent customer experience. It is completely compatible with existing banking systems, enabling organizations to deploy and control a flexible range of multi-channel, next generation banking services for their customers – efficiently, securely, cost effectively and profitably.

Digital Engagement

Turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

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What's included

Front Office is based on an advanced technology architecture that provides platform independence, real-time interfaces, extreme usability, high performance, excellent productivity for configuration and deployment and modular components. It has the flexibility to support the needs of any bank; from the smallest greenfield operation to the largest multinational.

Front Office boosts customer loyalty, share-of-wallet and revenue growth by helping banks improve the quality and effectiveness of their:

  • Revenue-generating processes
  • CRM
  • Advice
  • Pricing
  • Cross-selling and up-selling efforts
  • Multi-channel customer experience

In wealth management, Front Office goes further and provides world-class capabilities in:

  • Portfolio management
  • Order management
  • Relationship management

As part of our Treasury coverage, our front office delivers a rich user experience, with simple and intuitive deal capture, real-time links to the market and an impressive range of planning and analysis tools to support fast and accurate decision making.

How it's delivered

We work with a global network of leading business, technology and services partners to reduce implementation risk, enable a faster time-to-market and provide innovation. Our technology partners include HP, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

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