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Find, discover and experience the latest fintech innovation

Developed as a self-service, online digital store, Temenos MarketPlace provides a showcase platform for both Temenos and its wider community of fintech providers to help financial institutions:

  • experience the latest innovations in financial services technology through its ever-growing range of products
  • deploy them directly into their business solutions quickly and securely

The products available include widgets, apps, integrations and solutions, all of which can add increased functionality and significant business value to existing solutions based on Temenos products.

Real World Fintech

Developed as a self-service digital superstore, MarketPlace helps Temenos customers connect

How can fintechs and financial institutions connect?

How MarketPlace helps Banks

Helping FIs to differentiate, innovate, increase insight and provide added value to the customer

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How MarketPlace can help Fintechs

An opportunity to become a world leading fintech solution provider

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