Operating Responsibly

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Conducting our business with an environmentally responsible way

Our Approach

With the continued global spotlight on the critical issue of climate change, we recognize the importance of understanding and taking action on our material environmental impacts, risks and opportunities. While fully complying with all relevant environmental laws and legislation at our office locations globally, we support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges on our own initiative and an environmentally responsible way of conducting our business operations.

Temenos Environmental Roadmap towards a
Net-Zero Economy
is Structured Around Four Areas:

Environmental Policy

At Temenos, we are aware of the environmental impacts our business can have and we are committed to conducting our business operations in an environmentally responsible way.

Sustainable Event Planning

We are seeking ways to ensure that our event planning operates with high sustainability standards, by organizing our external events following the requirements of International Standards.

Environmental Awareness

In order to reduce our environmental footprint and address climate change, we are committed to raising environmental awareness of our employees through training opportunities and voluntary environmental initiatives.

Our Achievements