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About Temenos - The Banking Software Company

Leading innovation to make banking better

Temenos was founded in 1993 in Geneva, Switzerland.  From the outset it had a simple mission: to rid the banking industry of its legacy software.

Ever since that time, Temenos has worked to make this mission a reality. It has invested more than USD1bn in developing great banking solutions. It has grown its product set from core banking to payments, wealth management, business analytics and channels, offering a comprehensive solution set to meet the industry’s needs.

It has developed the largest network of partners in the industry to enable it to scale delivery, and Temenos has more than 1,600 installations in over 150 countries.

The benefits of using modern software are clear. Temenos customers are more agile, able to offer more personalized products and services, to operate at lower unit costs, to react quicker to market opportunities and to manage risk better. 

Temenos customers enjoy stronger operating metrics than their peers: on average, a 42% higher return on capital, a 32% higher return on assets and an 8.1 point lower cost-to-income ratio than that of banks still running legacy software.

Temenos is the clear leader in its market. In 2013, Temenos topped both the Forrester and IBS Intelligence league tables for sales of mission-critical banking software (See IBS Intelligence’s 2014 core banking systems league table and Forrester’s “Global Banking Platform Deals 2013”.)

Productivity Paradox

Tackling the productivity paradox

About Temenos

Find out why Temenos customers are proven to be more profitable than their peers.

More than 450 million banking customers rely on Temenos software for their daily needs.

Temenos makes a clear customer promise. We commit to serving only one industry and to investing more than our peers on research and development.  We keep  to principles of re-use, openness and technology agnosticism, and we will continue to lead through innovation – making our products better, faster, easier to install, easier to use and easier to integrate with other systems. In so doing, we will continue to deliver the best levels of customer success in the industry.