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From Legacy to Next-Generation

It’s Time to Scale!

Managing outdated, expensive, and isolated legacy systems across multiple regions has long been a daunting challenge for fund administrators. In fact change is a constant for the industry which is now seeing new demands such as the retailisation of PE.

To overcome these challenges, upgrading to modern, integrated technology solutions can be a game-changer for fund administrators. By streamlining operations, reducing costs, and improving their ability to deliver value to clients, administrators can gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry. With the right technology solutions in place, administrators can navigate the changing landscape with confidence and emerge stronger than ever before.

Multifonds vs Legacy systems

Why are we the “Next-Generation”?

Modern Multifonds Accounting Platform Legacy Systems
Single, global, SaaS solutionFragmented legacy systems run in silos increasing operational complexity and costs 
Exception-driven workflowUse of spreadsheets or additional systems to identify exceptions 
300+ user definable controlsLimited configurability requiring spreadsheets to supplement the core system(s) 
Follow the Sun ABOR & IBORMultiple systems, complex integration and reconciliation processes 
Multiple IBOR points per dayLimited number of IBOR points means businesses are unable to meet client demands 
No system downtime – follow the sun operation with automated processing when the data is availableBackups require system downtime periods and hot replication isn’t supported increasing operational complexity  
Multiple time-zones supported in a single instance through our unique time stamping &timezone capability.  This enables a single instance across the globe Single time-zone per system requiring multiple system instances to support a global or multi regional business increasing operational complexity and reducing operational efficiency
Explainable AI (XAI) – easily identify false positives Human checking and analysis in spreadsheets to identify exceptions cause inefficiencies and potentially lets errors slip through 
Specialised Migration tool: highly scalable, repeatable and rapid deploymentSpreadsheets and manual processing mean this process is inefficient 
Multifonds Investment Accounting solution vs Legacy systems

Multifonds Investment Operations Solution

A single, global platform available on SaaS.

Supporting both traditional and alternative fund types.

Supporting over 30,000 funds across 35 jurisdictions.


Integrated ABOR and IBOR

A flexible, real-time investment accounting engine with IBOR and ABOR views to support throughout each day, including multiple and/or ad-hoc valuations and NAVs.

Multiple IBOR points per day to support all your clients’ need.

Time Stamping & Timezone to enable a single instance across the globe to maximise efficiency.


Automated exception-driven workflow

An exception-driven workflow and over 300 user definable controls to empower users to improve their own efficiency and service quality while meeting the tightest NAV and distribution deadlines.

Further optimised automation with XAI

Enhanced automation of manual exception reviews, using Explainable AI (XAI) to easily identify false positives and provide transparent, human explanations about why exceptions have occurred.

Specialised Migration Tool

A full end-to-end data migration solution: supports an iterative and repeatable process, supports parallel processing of funds.

Ability to automate data transformations, validations and reconciliations.

Ability to roll-back in the event of errors.

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