Investment Accounting Modernization Made Easy

Temenos Multifonds enable you to effortlessly migrate to the next-generation accounting platform on SaaS to drive ultimate operational efficiency.

From Legacy to Next-Generation

What should take 18 months, we can make it 6 months

Running low-efficiency, costly, and siloed legacy systems has always been a pain for many asset managers and fund administrators. Why do IT key decision-makers still hesitate to make changes? One key reason is the painful and potentially failing migration & implementation process.

Why can’t modernization be made easy?

Temenos Multifonds has over 25 years of experience in calculating official NAV, supporting over 30,000 funds across 35 jurisdictions. 9 out of the top 15 global administrators are running on Temenos Multifonds systems. With specialized Mig tool and rich experience in implementation, we helped global asset managers and fund administrators, big or small, successfully migrate from legacy to a future-ready platform.

Successfully migrate over 900 funds in a single weekend

“The move to Temenos Multifonds frees us from legacy constraints to accelerate our digital transformation and increase operational efficiency.”

Daniel Shaughnessy. Operations and Process Improvement Director, Canada Life UK

Multifonds Investment Accounting

Temenos Multifonds supports traditional and alternative funds and combines key asset servicing, position keeping, valuation and accounting functions for all structures of pooled vehicles and funds.

Fully integrated IBOR/ABOR solution

A flexible, real-time investment accounting engine with integrated Investment Book of Records (IBOR) and Accounting Book of Records (ABOR) and Multi-book accounting for parallel local GAAP, IFRS and tax books.

Each investment transaction automatically creates journal entries.

No alignment or reconciliation is required.


Integrated workflow and exception management

An exception-driven workflow and over 300 user definable controls to empower users to improve their own efficiency and service quality while meeting the tightest NAV and distribution deadlines.

Online real-time views, with drill-down. No need to export data for manual checking. Ability to link workflow to reporting.


Real-time processing

Compare to the legacy systems that are batch-orientated, Temenos Multifonds has real-time processing platform.

Backdated trades will automatically roll-back and repost subsequent activity without the need for any manual reprocessing.

Specialized Migration Tool: high scalable, repeatable and rapid deployment

A full end-to-end data migration solution: supports an iterative and repeatable process, supports parallel processing of funds.

Ability to automate data transformations, validations and reconciliations.

Ability to roll-back in the event of errors.

Success Stories

6 Months, 1 Big bang migration

Size: 100 Funds, 45K positions, 3.5K open tax parcels, $85Bn

FTE:2 MF Consultants at 75% on the project

Training: 4 weeks of training for client to be self-sufficient

1 Big Bang migration

Size: 12 Funds, 6400 Security Positions

FTE – 1 MF Consultant at 60% on the project

10 weeks, migrate in 2 phases

Size: 811 Funds

Training:1 month training (25 man days) for client to be self-sufficient

Phases: 2 phases less than 3 months

Our World-wide Successful Clients

Measurable success

9 of the top 15

global fund administrators supported

30+ countries

30000+ funds


$10 trillion

assets supported

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