Temenos Multifonds for the Alternatives and Private Equity

Temenos Multifonds Investor Servicing solution is designed to support large volumes and scale effortlessly as your business grows. It is bringing the scale, volume, and liquidity benefits to the Alternatives and Private Equity world.

Scale, Volume and Liquidity Benefits in the Alternatives and Private Equity World

Transform your operations with a single, global solution that is Cloud and SaaS ready!

Temenos Multifonds is managing over 30,000 funds across 35 jurisdictions, supporting multiple fund types: private equity and various hedge fund structures, including limited partnerships, series of shares and investor equalization.

Multifonds Investor Servicing & Transfer Agency

Streamline the distribution chain by digitizing the onboarding process with a modern technology platform. Leveraging our sophisticated Investor Servicing app and API integration and benefiting from SWIFT and NSCC connectivity with counterparties, to find new efficiencies and reduce risk. 

Temenos Multifonds

Simplify investor registration & due diligence

Integrated and sophisticated KYC and AML frameworks guide users through the requirements for appropriate due diligence, not only at registration, but throughout the lifespan of an investor’s holding.

API-first architecture allows easy integration with back-office and 3rd party applications.

Driving ultimate operational efficiency through enhanced automation

Integrated workflow, controls and exception management frameworks to enhance automation and oversee your operations through an exception-based processing model.

Reporting solution for the capital account, call and distribution notices, commitment acknowledgement and investor positions.

Supporting multiple fund structures on a single, global platform

Support for closed-ended fund structures through commitment tracking, with capital calls, drawdowns, distributions and fees processing.

Embedded liquidity management features for hybrid funds, including redemption gating, fund lock-ups, side pockets, and other flexible transaction level controls.

Limited Partnership accounting via business-rule driven income allocations, asset-based fees, incentive fees and performance return calculations.

Scale effortlessly as your business grows

Clients are processing up to 68 Transfer Agency transaction per second on one single instance. Based on annual transaction volumes across Luxembourg and Ireland totaling 40,000,000 transactions annually

Trusted by Global Top Fund Administrators

Measurable success

9 of the top 15

global fund administrators supported

30+ countries

30000+ funds


$10 trillion

assets supported

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