Temenos and Finextra Impact Study – SaaS: The case for building a new banking business model

Software as a Service deployment models are the ideal tool to reduce the struggles faced by banks as their role evolves. Download this joint Finextra & Temenos Impact Study.

As banks are likely to be managing or partnered with multiple providers throughout the ecosystem, be it for core banking software, onboarding, risk mitigation, fraud monitoring or customer engagement, the relationships must be treated carefully with ongoing management and refinement. Where finance is being embedded into these new channels, banks will benefit from implementing strong API orchestration to roll out and maintain these opportunities.

Read the Impact study to answer your questions

  1. How can banks position themselves as orchestrators of API platforms?
  2. Why is SaaS pivotal to tackling regulatory, competition and technology challenges?
  3. How are changing customer expectations impacting banks’ technology strategies?
  4. How can working with third party providers help banks relieve current and future business pressures?

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