When Private Equity “Retailisation” Gets a Boost From ELTIF 2.0, Will You Be Ready?

What are the essential components of a “PE ready” system? Hear from the expert!

How can private and traditional managers get ready for PE retailisation?

In early 2024, updated regulation will help open up Private Equity funds to retail investors. The original ELTIF regulation had only limited success in making long-term investments accessible to a broader audience. ELTIF 2.0, however, will be a catalyst for change.

To take advantage of the opportunities that ELTIF 2.0 opens up, private and traditional managers need systems that can support PE and alternatives at high volumes and with rapid scaling.

Read this latest thought leader article by James Abram, Senior Consultant, Temenos Multifonds, and discover insights on:

  • Is the market ready for the “retailisation” of private equity funds? What’s driving the trend?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities presented to PE and traditional managers?
  • What are the essential components for a “PE ready” system?

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