Temenos Multifonds for Life Insurers

A single, global, cloud-ready solution for administering complex multi-tiered fund structures to help the world’s leading life insurers enter new markets, launch new services and win new business.

The Leading Platform for Life Insurers

Deliver new levels of transparency and automation across complex portfolio structures for unitized/unit-linked and general account assets, for your business, your stakeholders and your regulators.

Single, global platform

A single, global platform to support daily, weekly and monthly reporting as well as daily calculations for the most complex and sophisticated fund and portfolio structures, including local GAAP, IFRS, multi-layer, pooling and propagation structures.

Deepest and broadest functionality

Contains functionality essential to insurers such as box management, fund of funds, investor portal for PPB’s, tax and unit pricing.

Multifonds offers the deepest and broadest instrument coverage and accounting functionality versus its peers enabling the removal of spreadsheets and manual processing from the operating model.

Customisable workflows and data views

An exception-driven workflow and over 300 user definable controls to empower users to improve their own efficiency and service quality.

Gain easy access to customizable reports, in multiple formats, to speed up discrepancies investigations and respond quickly to changing regulatory requirements and client requests.

Further optimized automation with XAI

Enhanced automation of manual exception reviews, using Explainable AI (XAI) to easily identify false positives and provide transparent, human explanations about why exceptions have occurred.

Cloud based and scale as you grow

Cloud based platform and modern to reduce your total cost of ownership and remove dependence on internal IT teams.

Designed to scale as your business grows, dealing with increased volumes of processing and shortening processing timeframes as and when required.

Our Winning Customer

“The move to Temenos Multifonds frees us from legacy constraints to accelerate our digital transformation and increase operational efficiency.”

Daniel Shaughnessy
Operations and Process Improvement Director, Canada Life UK

Measurable success

9 of the top 15

global fund administrators supported

30+ countries

30000+ funds


$10 trillion

assets supported

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