Leap – helping banks modernize faster

Leap enables banks to seamlessly and quickly move to the latest cloud-native Temenos technology complete with the latest banking capabilities using AI and a standardized methodology


Leap gives Temenos core banking clients using older releases the opportunity to modernize by moving seamlessly and quickly to a new, advanced, API-driven, cloud-native architecture.

Using the latest technology platform with cutting-edge banking capabilities, Leap allows clients to launch quickly and iteratively more personalized products to their customers and improve customer engagement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Temenos Leap is a new holistic modernization program. It enables Temenos clients to move quickly and seamlessly to the latest Temenos platform so they can take advantage of our most up-to-date banking technology and be ready for a move to the cloud or to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). 

Leap uses AI-powered transformation tooling and processes, as well as Temenos’ experienced services teams and a select group of specialized partners, to offer banks a fast, low-risk route to a modern cloud-native architecture that will help to future-proof their business.

Temenos Leap is designed for existing Temenos customers who are currently running older solutions but would like a fast, low-risk way to move to our latest cloud-native Temenos architecture. It is available to banks across all geographies and sectors. 

Temenos Leap helps banks modernize fast so they can quickly move to our latest API-driven cloud-native technology and have access to the latest banking capabilities from Temenos and the Exchange ecosystem of third-party solutions. This gives banks the tools to launch new products quickly and efficiently, with data-driven personalization to improve customer engagement, and makes it easier for them to expand into new markets or sectors. 

Our Leap program also enables banks to easily keep their technology up to date in the future, gaining immediate benefit from our ongoing investment in the Temenos platform. Furthermore, Leap ensures banks are ready to move to the cloud or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models, which can provide greater business agility and quicker time to value. 

Temenos Leap enables banks to modernize much more quickly than any traditional modernization program. Typically, the process can be completed in 3+ months.

Temenos Leap leverages 30 years of implementation experience and best practice combined with the power of AI to accelerate traditionally manual and complex areas of migration and testing.   

Banks using Leap can also take advantage of ready-to-use service packages, supported by extensive training enabled by the Temenos Learning Community (TLC).

If you’re an existing Temenos customer, please get in touch with your account manager or complete the form below. If you’re not already a Temenos customer but would like to move to Temenos’ modern cloud-native architecture, please complete the form below. 

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