The Future of the Fund Industry 2024

Get the latest insights from fund industry experts and practitioners

Staying Competitive During Challenging Times

We have interviewed industry professionals and practitioners across the world to gather insights on the hottest topics in each region, including automation & operational efficiency, digital assets, transfer agency, AI and technology – all of which help answer the enduring question of how asset servicers can remain competitive in challenging times.

In this report, you will find expert views on:

  • What does efficient and flexible fund accounting look like?
  • Is ‘Transfer Agency as a Hub’ the future?
  • How can the market make the most of ELTIF2.0/Alternatives retailization?
  • Digital transformation and adoption of AI in Asset Management
  • Embrace cloud technology with digital sovereignty
  • South-east Asia: a new powerhouse for the fund industry
  • Alternative and passive: the future for the LATAM fund industry
  • Case studies: delivering personalized fund administration services on a global scale
  • And many others…

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