Highlights from TCF 2022

We’ve curated the best of TCF 2022 with key industry insights, customer case studies and technology updates for you to watch on-demand.

The Temenos Community Forum 2022 has just come to a close, and, after two years apart, this year’s event generated a buzz like no other. We were joined in person by more than 1,500 c-level executives, key decision-makers and rising stars of fintechs from over 150 countries. Together, we experienced our open platform for composable banking, and shared our vision to become Everyone’s Banking Platform. But, that isn’t it for TCF 2022 – there’s plenty of content for you to keep exploring. Here, we’ve rounded up the best sessions so you can catch up on-demand.

Everyone’s Banking Platform: Our Vision, Your Opportunity

Banking is moving beyond borders and boundaries. And through our open platform for composable banking, big opportunities are emerging. Hear the vision behind Everyone’s Banking Platform in this keynote address by Max Chuard, CEO, Temenos. 

Composable Banking Services: The Anatomy of a Modern Banking Platform

In the new normal, customers and competitors move fast. Can you innovate in hours and deliver value in days? See how Temenos open platform for composable banking provides the agility to get you there with rich services, proven scalability, and a vibrant fintech ecosystem.

Grow: Creating New Opportunities with Smarter Products

See the latest in smart product creation and composable banking services and how to innovate at speed to win new business.

Scale: The Network Effect in Banking – Cloud, BaaS and Fintech Ecosystems

Drive unlimited scale with SaaS and increase your reach. See how banks are accelerating new propositions with fintech integration and BaaS.

Next Generation Wealth Management – Responsible Investment and New Assets

See what the latest digital solutions and AI-assisted wealth management technology market leaders are using to maintain and expand their portfolios.

Technology Update – Platform and Scale

Learn how to take advantage of recent Temenos investments in the areas of hyperscale, security, and extensibility.  Explore the latest Temenos benchmarks and find out how technology was use to achieve them.

Challenger Banks – Hyper-speed Innovation with Composable Banking Services

70+ challengers and non-banks have chosen Temenos to build fast, innovate at speed and scale without limits. Discover how nimble new providers can assemble services in minutes and accelerate the path to value.

Walking the Talk – ESG Reality Check In Banking

Enabled by SaaS and Cloud technology, banks can reduce energy and emissions by more than 90% compared with on-prem solutions. Find out how banks have built their proposition around sustainability and see how an open platform enables new services for your customers. How will you shift from sustainability strategy, to sustainable action?

Buy Now Pay Later Unwrapped

Learn how Temenos is enabling banks and BaaS providers to offer Buy Now Pay Later services with embedded AI driven soft score capabilities which offer full decision transparency to end customers.

Digital Banking Platform-as-a-Service: AWS

John Kain, Head of Banking and Capital Markets, AWS and Ross Mallace, Executive Vice President, Global Head of SaaS & Partner Ecosystem, Temenos present the benefits of digital banking on the cloud. The partners discuss how Temenos’s  open platform integrates with Salesforce CRM and Amazon Connect, and how it can deliver hyper-personalized experiences across digital and assisted channels to build customer loyalty and trust.

Engaging the New Customer – How to Build for Change – Capgemini

How can banks future-proof their response to ever-changing customer behavior and curate personalized banking with speed and at scale? Join this session to learn how banks can embrace platform business models, how platformification can help deliver greater operational efficiency, market penetration and faster time to market, and ensure your bank is ‘built to change’.