Smarter Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is here to stay. How will you respond?

To deliver the seamless experience customers want, and the nimble banking services retailers are calling for you need a solution to deliver fast but responsible lending, elastic scalability, and the ability to connect with the retail finance ecosystem. Discover Temenos for BNPL.


To seize the BNPL opportunity you need to rapidly deliver the embedded lending experiences that consumers demand. Temenos for BNPL enables you to extend variable instalment loans as an embedded service for merchant and retail customers, or to convert prior purchases into pay later agreements.

BNPL – Why now?

Solution overview

Temenos for BNPL is a SaaS-first solution that empowers you to deliver embedded Lending experiences, fast. Available on the Temenos Banking Cloud, the service combines Temenos’ proven credit processing capabilities and explainable AI credit decision engine for real-time credit recommendations. The result? Lower credit risk, more responsible lending and an elastically scalable service that grows with your business.

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Learn how Temenos is enabling banks and BaaS providers to offer Buy Now Pay Later services with embedded AI driven soft score capabilities which offer full decision transparency to end customers.

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