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Discover the power of our APIs on the Temenos Banking Cloud. Our APIs provide banks with all the powerful, flexible functionality they need to provide leading financial services. Get instant access to the APIs of the Temenos Banking Cloud and select from a wide range of API endpoints to accelerate innovation across the Temenos banking services.

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Banks can innovate faster than ever with an open platform for composable banking. Register today to get access to the sandbox and see for yourself how easily you can consume, compose, configure and extend capabilities, services and enterprise solutions any way you and your customers need.

Temenos Exchange

Our open banking marketplace offers an extensive selection of pre-integrated and certified FinTech services that help banks to accelerate the creation of new financial services. Temenos Exchange is the home for leading fintech services and a network of over 3000 banking clients in 150 countries.

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Access The Temenos Banking Cloud to explore The Innovation Lounge. Get inspiration from a plethora of banking operations backed by the power of an intelligent, digital platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Temenos Banking Cloud is the next generation in SaaS. It combines the industry’s most complete banking services, covering all segments and all geographies, with a sandbox for fast innovation and the Temenos MarketPlace for fintech collaboration. Powered by a new AI-enabled engine that drives banks’ business growth and accelerates time to market. With Temenos Banking Cloud, banks now have the power to self-provision always-on banking services and scale instantly and securely while dramatically reducing the cost of operations to 10% of legacy systems.

The Temenos Banking Cloud is the next generation SaaS offering from Temenos. Building on over 10 years of cloud leadership, $1 billion in R&D investment and the experience of over 700 SaaS customers ranging from global banks to over 70 challengers.

The Temenos Banking Cloud is designed for all banks of all sizes across all geographies. It offers banks instant access to the industry’s leading front-to-back banking services with localized functionality from over 150 countries, covering all banking segments including universal banks, retail banks, corporate banks, challengers, private banks, credit unions, Fund administrators

Over 700 financial institutions use Temenos SaaS technology such as Al Ain Finance, Alpian, Flowbank, Flowe, Itau, Orange Bank and they can now benefit from all the new rich features of The Temenos Banking Cloud.

Please explore our website to find out more details and register your interest in receiving more information from us.

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